EGS Specializes in Shallow and Deep Foundation, Stormwater Design, Roadway Design, and Sink Hole Investigation.

Environmental and Geotechnical Specialists, Inc. (EGS) provides specialty services associated with environmental and geotechnical engineering. EGS is a highly qualified geotechnical and environmental consulting DBE/MBE firm with extensive work experience throughout Florida. EGS specializes in the areas of geotechnical investigation, geotechnical design, geophysical investigation, environmental permitting, environmental site assessment, and contamination assessment. EGS’s primary office locations are in Tallahassee and Jacksonville which allow for quick mobilization to nearly any job site in northern and central Florida.   EGS staff has been providing professional services in Florida since 1992 and is dedicated to delivering exceptional services at competitive rates.  

EGS is a full service geotechnical consulting firm, which provides subsurface drilling, soil sampling, laboratory testing, geophysical testing, engineering evaluations and recommendations for a wide range of projects.  EGS’s geotechnical staff has extensive experience in working with clients to facilitate cost-effective investigation, engineering design, and construction of every aspect of a project. All subsurface investigations and recommendations are coordinated with a dedicated Project Manager to assure an investigation is focused on the specific project issues.  Additionally, our team members are familiar with the Florida Department of Transportation requirements for geotechnical evaluations and report submittals.

EGS also has professional and knowledgeable environmental staff experienced in providing environmental assessments and engineering solutions to various construction related environmental problems encountered during the planning, engineering, and design phase of the projects.  EGS’s staff is familiar with the regulatory requirements of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  The results of EGS’s investigations are presented in a focused engineering report prepared by a licensed professional engineer.

If you have any questions about our company or how EGS can assist you with your next project, visit our Contact Us Page, or email office@egs-us.com.

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