Stormwater Design

Tom Hayden, P.E., working on one of EGS' projects.EGS has been providing the highest quality Infiltration Investigations since 1992.

EGS has been providing our clients with the following types of design recommendations:

  • Stormwater Management Facility Design Parameters
  • Permeability Rate Recommendation
  • Infiltration Rate Recommendation
  • Infiltration Rating Curve
  • Field Permeability Testing
  • Laboratory Permeability Testing
  • Stormwater Swale Design Parameters
  • Groundwater Mounding Analysis


EGS has worked on a variety of Infiltration investigation projects over the last 15 years, for both our public and private Clients.  Whether you would like design parameters for a Regional Retention Facility or just a groundwater mounding analysis for a commercial stormwater pond, EGS has the experience to get the job done right.

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EGS Stormwater Design